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Workers working on the construction site



Experienced Providers

OSHA & COVID Training. 

Customized Schedules

Flexibility around your production schedule. 

U.L.P.A. Vacuums

Critical filter with an efficiency rating of 99.999% for particles 0.12 microns.

Environmentally Safe Products

Biodegradable cleaners and degreasers.

Working at height. A commercial abseiler



Industrial Facility Maintenance: Complete outsourcing provider of both specialized cleaning services and general janitorial services. We can offer both limited scope and comprehensive cleaning and redecorating solutions tailored to your needs.

Floor Coatings: Installation of industrial floor coating systems tailored to the needs of your facility, to protect the substrate, provide a safer surface, and provide aesthetic improvement.

HVAC System Cleaning: Interior duct work & air handling equipment cleaning, removing years of accumulated contaminants from the ducts that provide the air you breathe.

Dust Removal: Often a serious safety issue to insurance carriers and fire prevention authorities. 

Facility Restoration: After years of industrial use, many facilities being relocated are required to return their former plants to clean and reusable condition. We are equipped to help with these mandates, cleaning years of contaminants away, and providing a face-lift for the future tenant.

Confined Space Cleaning: Cleaning of the interior of storage tanks and similar equipment, ensuring safety compliance for working in these dangerous areas. 

Equipment Painting and Facility Painting: From ceiling to floor, and everything in between, we have the expertise and resources to paint surfaces most painting contractors would not even consider.

Dry Ice Blasting: Specialized Cleaning using C-02 equipment. Efficient method to remove hard, dried coatings on surfaces. Leaves no contaminant except for the particles removed, unlike sand blasting, power washing, and other messy methods.

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